Our Value Proposition

Creative credit with operational insight and support


Industrial Credit Partners leverages an internal team of engineers and operators to understand change better than our competitors. We seek to invest in performing credits, but also have the ability to underwrite and finance complex situations.


Rescue Financings  •  Debtor-in-Possession Financings (DIPs)  •  Operational Turnarounds  •  Sale Leasebacks

ICP is a highly differentiated private lending platform

Deep operating bench

ICP leverages the operational expertise and engineering talent of American Industrial Partners. The depth of our operating bench, led by career operators with broad credentials in the industrial ecosystem, allows our potential deal partners to access the vast knowledge, experience and bandwidth that exists on our platform.

Commitments with speed and certainty

We are able to analyze and underwrite complex situations quickly in order to provide an expedient solution to our borrowers.

Patient, collaborative provider of capital

During periods of operating and financial volatility, we can provide liquidity and support to weak balance sheets, refinance upcoming maturities and enable opportunistic acquisitions during market dislocations.


Investment Instruments


Secured Loans

Senior secured first and second lien term loans, with enterprise value or assets coverage.

Structured Credit

Bespoke solutions for complicated capital needs that defy traditional credit metrics and pricing.


Asset-backed lending where underlying investment has credit-like cash flows.